Home Additions

Add Extra Living Space

Adding SQF to an existing house to gain additional living space can be used for any need. Usually being done by home owners that have outgrown their home and find it more cost effective than buying a new house. We can help you adding an extra space to you house and specialize in the following home additions:




Living Room & more


50% Credit Back

50% credit back for construction plans cost when hiring us for actual construction


Our home additions services include: issuing construction plans, floor plans and 3D images, issuing architectural plans, issuing structural plans, issue title 24, approving with the city the complete set of plans, pulling permits, selecting materials using our wide range of vendors and showrooms applying all savings we get toward the customer, conducting actual construction work from demolition to finish installation, on site supervision at all time.

Design & Build

We offer budget oriented services, along with extensive knowledge and experience, knowing all the ins and outs of the city in plans permitting and inspections.

Affordable Materials

We work with many vendors and suppliers that carry a huge selection of products, all kinds of finish materials, all at the outstanding quality and affordable prices.

Functional & Comfortable Room Additions

From creating extra space to increase your property value, in addition to your home has a variety of benefits. Create a functional, comfortable living space for you and your family when you add a room addition. It’s a great way to tailor your current home to your changing lifestyle.

Tailor Your Space to Your Needs
Adding a room to your home is an excellent way to add square footage to your home without having to search for a new property. It’s an alternative to moving so that you can accommodate lifestyle changes like adding a home office or an extra room for a growing family. Additionally, you’re able to customize the space to your needs and stylistic taste. That way you’re better able to enjoy your home with all the extra square footage.

Entrust Your Project to Our Team of Professionals
Using a combination of designers and engineers, you can tailor the project to your needs. Working with a design-build company offers you the unique opportunity to match comprehensive construction with elegant, modern design. Combining function and comfort with high-quality design elements, your room addition meets all your lifestyle needs.

Establish Stylistic Consistency
Your home has a unique style. Ensure that your home’s style stays consistent throughout your home, especially when it comes to your new addition. When designing your room addition, our design team will work with you to help you maintain a similar aesthetic throughout your home. Your new addition will fit seamlessly into your home.

Work with Our Design Build Process
When working on your home addition, we’ll begin with an initial consultation. After discussing the project, you’ll move on to the design phase. During this process, you’ll create a floor plan with our design team. Your approved design will the get the necessary reviews from our architects and engineers. Followed by the necessary permits to begin construction. During construction, your project manager will see the project through until the final walk-through when you’re satisfied with your new home addition.

– Consultation
– Design
– Post-Construction

Opting for a design-build company to create your home addition offers you the benefit of convenience. As a design-build construction company, we handle all the necessary components of your project. From color schemes to budgeting to processing architectural and engineering plans, your project is executed from start to finish with our team of experts.